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Name:Marked One
The Marked One is an experienced stalker, one of the first explorers to enter the highly unstable Zone surrounding the Chernobyl NPP and comb it for rare and valuable artifacts. Though he doesn't know all this. See, a recent accident has left him with crippling amnesia, robbing him of even his name. (Besides, most stalkers are too lazy to call each other by anything other than an embarrassing nickname.) The only thing the Marked One does remember is that he must "kill Strelok".

The Marked One is visibly carrying a backpack, a knife and a Kalash; he's covered in grime and looks like he's spent the past week in the wilderness. He speaks fluent Russian, some Ukrainian, and limited English.

If you don't mind spoilers, you can read all about him here.

Interests (5):

avoiding anomalies, campfire stories, collecting artifacts, strelok, the wishgranter
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